MediVet Biologics Publishes the First Randomized Double-Blind Placebo Controlled Study Utilizing Acti-Stem for the Treatment of Canine Osteoarthritis in American Journal of Veterinary Research


Kansas State University published a study proving scientifically that ActiStem Therapy treatments make a significant improvement in pets’ osteoarthritis.


 The double blind study was conducted on 22 dogs. Each dog had been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hip joints by a board certified orthopedic surgeon. Out of the 22 dogs, 10 received the ActiStem treatment the remaining 12 received a placebo. The study proved to show statistical significance in outcome measures such as canine brief pain inventory (CBPI) and a marked improvement in the treatment dogs utilizing blinded visual analogue scale (VAS). Additionally, a statically significant improvement was noted in the treatment group utilizing objective outcome measures for patients in the most severe pain quartile by examining peak vertical force (PVF) using a pressure sensitive walk way. No adverse effects or side effects were present in any of the dogs treated further identifying that ActiStem Therapy is safe in dogs.

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dog on pressure sensitive walk way

Pressure sensitive walk way used to accurately measure the dogs improvement


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