Until recently, pets suffering from arthritic ailments had only painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications to help ease their pain. Pill therapies are costly, can be harmful to the liver, and may offer only minor relief.

The procedure uses adult (not embryonic) animal stem cell technology in conjunction with the body’s own regenerative healing power. MediVet’s equipment enable veterinarians to remove a sample of fat from the pet, separate the stem cells, then activate and inject the cells into the affected area. The entire procedure is all done in-clinic. The treatment has been received by the industry as an improvement over previous shipping technologies. Points of care cellular treatments offer a more fresh isolation of the sample at a much lower cost to the veterinarian and owners.

Nanofiber Veterinary develops a wide variety of novel, synthetic nanofiber scaffolds. The company recently made history, designing the first synthetic tracheas implanted into human patients. Four people across the world have received Nanofiber Solution’s life-saving tracheal implants. The FDA approved polymers offer promise for a number of conditions both surgical and topical healing. “We continue to be excited about helping animal owners with innovative solutions and look forward to our partnership with MediVet America and bringing additional value to their established regenerative medicine product range.” Said Timm Peddie C.E.O. of Nanofiber Veterinary.

MediVet’s partnership with Nanofiber Veterinary, compliments a focus on developing and commercializing innovative therapies that improve lives. Recognizing the change in the animal healthcare industry this partnership will increase the efficacy, continued learning experience and hands on access to veterinary regenerative medicine. “This technology will lead to new and novel applications while providing our university partners with more certainty about the placement and life-span of cells in-vivo. The nanofiber mesh for topical wound scaffold and PRP therapy provides huge advancements for trauma and impaired wound healing by controlling degradation that is patient and wound specific” said Jeremy Delk, C.E.O of Medivet America, LLC.

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