MediVet Biologics today announced that it has acquired US PATENT 7736892 B2. Under the terms of the agreement, MediVet will acquire the rights to a portfolio of cultures, products and methods using Umbilical Cord Matrix Stem Cells (UCMSCs). MB-007 is currently in pre-clinical development as a potential next-generation treatment for various musculoskeletal and internal medicine conditions for mammalian species.

“Our mission as a company has always been to provide novel treatments at an affordable cost to the marketplace. Our entire team is excited to make this announcement and acquire a strong partner in Dr. Mark Weiss and his team at Kansas State University. MediVet Biologics envisions this product as an additional modality for our growing progressive network of Veterinarians at the general practice and specialty levels. We feel this strengthens our portfolio of cellular therapy modalities and allows us to further expand to meet unmet needs in the market. The shifting economic dynamics in the market provides us confidence Veterinary medical professionals are seeking good medicine based in science with potential strong brick and mortar impact,” said MediVet Biologics CEO Jeremy Delk.

According to Mark Weiss, PhD, Inventor of MB-007 and Professor at Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine, “this agreement was undertaken due to confidence we have and track record MediVet Biologics has proven in the Veterinary market. We share a mission of basing research initiatives to advance cellular therapy in the human and animal markets.” Dr. Weiss currently serves as Director of Cell Biology for MediVet Biologics.

“To date our team has made excellent progress in our MB-007 research at KSU. The product and technology will be versatile to target disease specific processes for a variety of species.”

About MB-007:

Stem cells derivative of adult sources can have a variety of useful applications in disease treatment and biotechnology. More particularly the Umbilical Cord Matrix Stem Cells (UCMSCs) of the invention have a variety of pluripotent, or multipotent capabilities for a variety of end uses from a non-controversial, universally available, species-specific source. MB-007 can have application to any mammalian animal including canines, felines and equine patients. MB-007 relates to isolating the stem cells, culturing the stem cells, maintaining the stem cells, transforming the stem cells into useful cell types using genetic or other transformation technologies, stem cell and tissue banking and using untransformed or transformed cells in disease treatment. The goal of the partnership is to advance MB-007 and other promising biologic candidates to ultimately provide novel therapies for musculoskeletal and internal medicine conditions and other diseases and disorders.

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