The MediVet Difference

In 2010 MediVet was the first company in the world to provide in-clinic adipose derived stem cell therapy. Since then MediVet’s mission is to provide the best in class technology and customer service to all our progressive veterinary partners. As an industry leader, it is our responsibility to continue providing up to date treatment modalities that are based in science and supported by evidence. We are here to serve our veterinarian customers, animal owners and beloved pets today and in the future. Below are the advantages that set us apart from industry competitors.


  • Based in Science – MediVet’s products and services are based in University collaboration. MediVet’s in-clinic stem cell treatment, utilized by thousands of Veterinarians across the globe is the only of its kind to be independently validated in a University setting. For more information on this project please see MV Cell Counting Activation -Full Study
  • Practicality – MediVet’s dedicated staff is trained to highlight with your practice where biologic intervention is applicable for your patients. As a company, our team understands each case is unique and our goal is to provide versatility to your medical toolbox with true practical solutions. Whether you are looking to expand your medical treatment options for osteoarthritis, surgical services or expand your rehabilitation business, MediVet’s trained representatives will help you tailor make a plan that is effective for your staff.
  • Staff Education – MediVet’s programs open up a variety of interactive opportunities for continued education. MediVet believes our modalities excel in a practice only when we are able to offer hands on learning opportunities to involve your staff and up to date information as it is made available. MediVet offers online learning portals, weekly colleague to colleague support webinars and on-site training for your entire team.
  • Affordable Solutions – Since 2009, MediVet has examined the market to see where improvements can be made medically but also commercially. It is our belief that the range of products and services that we provide need to reach affordable price points for owners while also maintaining gold standards medically. MediVet’s trained business development representatives will work with your staff on price points and ensure we give you the confidence to prescribe our products and services.

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