“I am just as excited today as I was day one to bring in Regenerative Medicine. Medically, I have improved outcomes for patients I never thought possible. Financially it has been an overwhelming success.” 

– Anne England, DVM 

Vestridge Animal Clinic

Vestavia, AL

Stem cell therapy has enabled me to give my patients and their owners state of the art medical intervention for previously debilitating conditions. As our client base is becoming ever more informed and educated of the new treatments available for their own physical conditions using stem cells; so do they appreciate and enthusiastically welcome its use with their pets. I look forward to utilizing stem cell therapy as well as PPR with greater frequency as we discover even more of its clinical uses and benefits.” 

– Michelle Mitchell, DVM 

Mitchell Veterinary Hospital

Tallassee, AL

“I have been extremely pleased with the results I have seen with Medivet Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy in my patients. I have used PRP therapy in the treatment of osteoarthritis, biceps tenosynovitis, as well as nonsurgical management of chronic Achilles mechanism injuries (in conjunction with custom orthotic devices). I have also employed PRP to improve the survival of free skin grafts. The system is easy to use, affordable and has been enthusiastically accepted by my referring veterinarians and clients!”

– Preston Stubbs, DVM DACVS

Mile High Veterinary Surgical Specialists

Denver, CO

“When you see the owners’ eyes, honestly I think the procedure is under-priced. That intangible value -being able to see these dogs get up and walk around much better- the clients are ecstatic, they’re hugging you. The changes you make in that patient’s life are just remarkable. The biggest advice I would give to veterinarians is keep an open mind and read. There is a ton of information out there on stem cells and regenerative therapy, not only in the veterinary line but in the human line. A value can’t be placed on the ability to change our pets’ lives.”

– Tom Newland, DVM

Adobe Animal Hospital

Phoenix, AZ

“In the 80 cases I have done, virtually all cases have shown some signs of improvement with the majority being very significant. This has contributed to an overall higher quality of life in our patients. Clients have repeatedly shown an overwhelming response to their dogs being able to get around more freely with an increased level activity. Many comment that they are relieved that their pets are no longer in need of NSAIDS, steroids and other drugs. Clients also frequently comment on their observations of the dogs renewed ‘zest for life’.”

– Brian Voynick, DVM

American Animal Hospital

Randolph, NJ



“We began our Stem cell program in 2008 and have since helped hundreds of pets with this procedure. This therapy has been used mostly for the pain management of osteoarthritis, but has also aided the healing of joint injuries. The future is bright for many other conditions that will be helped by Stem Cell Therapy.”

-Mike Hutchinson, DVM Iowa State ’86



“In the 60 procedures our clinic has performed, I have seen a 90% success rate with osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease patients and 90% of my clients are happy with the procedure.”

– Larry Snyder, DVM

Bird & Small Animal Clinic

Topeka, KS

“In all of my years of practice I have never believed in anything more than Stem Cell Therapy and feel within the next few years it is going to change the way human and veterinary medicine is practiced. My own physician feels if there is something that can be done for degenerative orthopedic disease it would be revolutionary. I keep telling him it is coming and it is going to be more than he ever expected”

-Dr. Mauer

“Offering Stem Cell therapy might be the best thing I have done since I became a Vet…no, it’s probably the best thing I will do in my career!”

– Anita McMillen, VMD

“Dr. Charlie has been astounded at Midnight’s response to stem cell therapy.”

“This is going to do for the medical industry what the Industrial Revolution did 100 years ago, it’s just going to change medicine altogether.”

-Dr. Dena Fitzpatrick

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