PRP Therapy for Veterinarians

MediVet’s Platelet Rich Plasma Kit, or PUREVET PRP allows you to offer an all-natural, drug free pain relief option to dogs and cats in your clinic.  PRP therapy utilizes blood plasma with concentrated platelets that once activated accelerate the healing properties of the isolated growth factor.

The concentrated platelets found in PRP contain mass quantities of bio-active proteins, including growth factors and signaling proteins that are vital to initiate and accelerate tissue repair and regeneration.

  • These bio-active proteins can initiate tissue healing, and reduce inflammation.
  • A natural alternative to NSAIDs.

PRP can be used to aid in the treatment of many ailments as seen in the illustration to the right.

Using PRP in your Veterinary Practice

Medivet’s PRP Kit can be used to treat injured joints, tendons, or used in its gel form to treat large burns or wounds. MediVet’s PureVet PRP is not limited to acute injuries, it can also be used for chronic conditions such as:

  • Synovitis
  • Capsulitis
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tenosynovitis
  • Wound Care
  • General Inflammation
  • Post Surgical Healing


MediVet PureVet PRP kit was tested by the University of Georgia with the following outcomes

  • Medivet’s PRP kit isolated 500x more platelets than leukocytes which is 3.5 fold better than the next best competitor and 24 fold better than the worst competitor
  • The Platelet concentration was at 3-4x baseline

Note: these samples were tested from the same dogs in a controlled environment.

Case Study

These radiographs were taken from the left hock of a 7 year old FS Mixbreed dog that was chronically lame in both hind legs. The ankles were swollen and painful, not responding to any anti-inflammatory medication. The pronounced dystrophic mineralization was present in both hocks, but the response to regenerative medicine was striking on the left side. The owner consented to injections of PRP, or platelet rich plasma, into the gastrocnemius tendon as well as an intravenous application of the autologous fluid. As you can see after a few weeks, the mineralization is less pronounced. There is less soft tissue swelling, and there is a greater degree of joint mobility. Most importantly, the dog is more comfortable and does not require NSAIDs.

“EASE” into Regenerative Medicine

Effective – MediVet’s PRP Kit is unique to animal health due to MediVet Activator Solution G™. This solution initiates the clotting cascade prior to the platelets being injected or placed in vivo allowing for growth factor release from the platelets. MediVet’s process allows for pure growth factors to trigger the healing cascade and assist with inflammation.

Affordable – No adaptive equipment necessary, contents processed in standard centrifuge.

Safe – Completely Autologous (from the body, back to the body) procedure utilizing the body’s own healing mechanisms, minimally invasive.

Easy – Standard blood draw and standard centrifugation procedure time (< 90 Minutes). MediVet’s unique process gives you a twofold tool– gel form for topical healing or liquid form for direct injection.

What’s the Difference Between PRP and Stem Cell Therapy?

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma has surged in popularity and is now used commonly by many human orthopods as an advanced orthobiologic. PRP is a mix of concentrated platelets and serum. Why is this important? Surgeons have known for years that healing depends on platelets. These very tiny blood components are rich in growth factors and help form a blood clot during injury. When you injure an area like a ligament or a muscle, they seep into the wound during the bleeding that normally occurs. They then set up a blood clot to stop the bleeding and start to release growth factors to the area to coordinate a repair response.

Over the first week or so, they act as a time release “pill” that secretes various growth factors as various times. These time release growth factors do things like bring in stem cells and bring in new blood vessels to ensure that the body can get more blood to the area. PRP is created when the doctor takes blood from a vein and places it in a special centrifuge to concentrate platelets (usually 3-5 times their normal concentration). With MediVet Biologic’s PureVet PRP the scabbing process is simulated in a test tube. To use a gardening metaphor, if you have a plant that is injured and not doing well, placing some more water and fertilizer in the ground may help your plant recover. Platelets are like fertilizer; their growth factors help rev up the local repair response. So PRP is generally good for helping things that may either heal on their own (given enough time) or are maybe stuck in the healing process and need a little “kick” to get things going towards resolution.

While PRP may help recruit stem cells to the area with scaffolding or a driving factor to accentuate matrix production (1), stem cell injection therapy still is much more advanced. For orthopedics if PRP is like adding additional fertilizer and water to the plant, stem cells are like placing new seeds in the area and hiring a gardener.

PRP does it hold its own as a great shorter term solution to acute inflammation as well as tendon and ligament injuries.  The MediVet Biologic PureVet PRP kit is a versatile and affordable option to advance your medical treatment toolbox.


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