Stem Cell Banking

Wellness & Prevention Cryo-Storage Services

As a service for our progressive animal owners and Veterinarians MediVet Biologics incorporated a Spay & Neuter or surgical banking option in 2012 whereas the company can bank cells for healthy patients in a wellness and preventative format.

This service requires no processing for the clinic and simply utilizes shipping services for processing of the tissue.  For more information on this service call us at 1-800-365-9168

Bank now, save later.

Much like parents do for their children by banking umbilical cord blood, pet owners can now bank their pet’s adipose (fat) stem cells. More and more pet owners are choosing to harvest fat at the time of a standard spay or neuter procedure, in order to bank stem cells for the future.

Banking your young pet’s cells is the best insurance you can have for the rapidly growing list of diseases being helped by stem cell therapy.

Performed in conjunction with a spay/neuter, collecting your pet’s stem cells early will:

  • Maximixe the dosage and effectiveness
  • Reduce complications associated with anesthesia
  • Increase cell yields

Most dogs and cats suffer from diseases and ailments later in life:

  • Arthritis (25-30%)
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Joint cartilage damage
  • Ligament damage
  • Tendon damage

Future treatments

  • IBD
  • Renal failure
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Ocular disease
  • Atopy
  • Degenerative myelopathy

Treat the CAUSE not the symptoms with MediVet Stem Cell Therapy


With MediVet’s Bank Now Save Later program you can ensure that your pet receives the most advanced care available when its needed. By banking your pet’s stem cells today you will be able to take advantage of current treatments and the endless possibilities of stem cell therapy in the future.

MediVet’s program aims to make the choice and investment an easy decision for owners.   Collecting stem cells during an already elected spay or neuter on a young animal not only leads to financial savings, but also reduces the complications associated with anesthesia and maximizes the vitality, effectiveness and increased cell yields. This opens the potential means for life changing preventative care in the future.

Its obvious that many dogs and cats suffer from diseases and ailments, as they grow older. The banked cells have a history of extremely high yields with MediVet’s lab.


MediVet Stem Cell Therapy provides an all-natural, affordable, and hassle-free solution that will ensure your pet’s future health and quality of life. Compared to the options of invasive surgery or expensive long-term drugs, stem cell therapy is the most logical choice.

“This is going to do for the medical industry what the Industrial Revolution did 100 years ago, it’s just going to change medicine altogether.”

-Dr. Dena Fitzpatrick

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